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Happy New Year…2021

Happy new year 2021 ! sending good vibes and virtual hug on your way this New year’s day ! Hope this year is filled with lots of love, laughter and light. May you paint the blank canvas of this new year with bright and happy colors ! wishing you and your family a SAFE,HEALTHY andContinue reading “Happy New Year…2021”

A soldier said,

A soldier said,When I die in a war zone …..Box me up and send me home….Put my medal on my chest and tell my Mom, I did my bestTell my dad, not to worry…..He won’t get any complain from me now…Tell my bro to study perfectly… key of my car will be his permanently…Tell myContinue reading “A soldier said,”

ME and HER (last moment)

I don’t remember the exact date or month but it was rainy season. My mom went out for her morning walk like always. As she was passing by, she found a stray cat hiding near small plants the cat was whole white and black, orange kind of mix color. My mom brought the cat home.Continue reading “ME and HER (last moment)”

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